PaperTracer puts you in control of your informationMaking Your Records and Document Management Easy!

A web-based (BPM) business process management software solution designed for easy access and organization of your records, contracts and documents. It offers a wide range of business and workflow applications featuring the capabilities to record, index, store, retrieve and helps manage your business processes. PaperTracer is affordable for small to large organizations making it a quick return on investment. It is scalable and can provide support as an enterprise wide solution.

  • Easy to Use: Navigate with Microsoft comparable menus
  • Organize and attach your documents and information
  • Provides robust reporting
  • Create, update and configure records
  • Workflow management
  • Electronic signature
  • Autoscan
  • Redlining check in/check out
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  • PaperTracer Business Process Management Software (BPM)
  • Easy to Use
  • Import/Export MS Excel Files
  • Scan to PDF
  • Drag and Drop Files
  • Robust Reporting
  • Configure Record Fields Dynamically
  • Workflow Management
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How it Works?

PaperTracer solutions are designed with comprehensive features and capabilities to let companies efficiently manage and maintain their risk management, policies and contract management programs. The PaperTracer workflow diagram below shows the basic operation how documents and information are being managed.


How it works diagram of PaperTracer

Unlock The Power and Take Control Of Your Information

PaperTracer is a unique document management system that provides you, the end user, the ability to customize the software for your own business operations. This software system empowers you by providing tools that help you take control so you can focus on your core business.

It automates the process of converting documents into electronic form as a resource for quick actions. PaperTracer allows the users to manage attachments, securely route documents and information, and develop reports on the information supporting enforcement and consistency of standards for the business process.

The PaperTracer application has been built on the user needs for their specific workflow processes. The history of development has been based 100% on user input and objectives which continues today.


PaperTracer Usage

Examples of current application usage:

  • Insurance Claims
  • Issues Management
  • Law Practice Offices
  • Managed Care
  • Materials and Purchasing Services
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Risk Management
  • Vehicle Fleet

PaperTracer is a cloud-based secure document and business process management software. It is most often used as a contract management software, which can be easily customized by you meeting your distinctive workflow needs for contracts or other business processes at a very cost effective price. Along with being cloud-based and HIPAA compliant, one of its unique qualities is that it allows the user to define and create their own fields. This feature makes it a very dynamic software solution and not just a storage database for information. The distinctive quality of PaperTracer provides an online general database that as the user, you can build the specified fields without writing a single line of code and without having any knowledge about databases.

Uses are unlimited and include applications for online contract management, certifications and license management, policies and procedures, invoice management, risk management, and for many other document management software needs. It brings value for improvement and efficiency to your organization’s workflow processes.

The vision for PaperTracer is to be the software technology that organizes your business information and documents by providing easy to use, secure and robust software solutions to increase your productivity. Your organization will gain many benefits along with a quick return on investment by purchasing PaperTracer for managing your contracts or other business processes.


Perhaps the best method of evaluating the effectiveness of PaperTracer is to consider what users of the PaperTracer technology have to say about the product.

PaperTracer stood out from the other vendors in that they listened to what we needed and wanted and offered a program that was flexible enough to adapt to our requirements. The Legal Department
Shands Jacksonville Medical Center
PaperTracer® has done for our Contract files what my iPod has done for my record collection. Philip Boyce
Senior Vice President
Baptist Health Systems Managed Care Contracts