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Top 5 Features PaperTracer Customers Value for Success

Many companies are choosing PaperTracer as their trusted contract and document management solution. Here are the Top 5 PaperTracer Features they enjoy for adding value and success to their business.

Top 5 features of PaperTracer


  1. Easy to Use – PaperTracer provides a straight forward look and process that does not require IT experience. It allows you to make changes quickly and customize it  to your business needs - Saving you time and money!
  2. Customization – Set up only the fields you require for your business process and allow your business to painlessly transition and adapt to changing needs. Users also benefit from the ability to set up email notifications to follow up or take action. 
  3. Reports – PaperTracer’s robust reports allow for easy assembly of necessary information for audits, surveys, or for supplementary needs.  In minutes you can report from one or many specific fields, set up a reoccurring report that can be emailed to the necessary recipients, or add a report to your dashboard that can be accessed at any time with one click.
  4. Cloud Database – Customers enjoy substantial savings from PaperTracer’s Cloud Database because there are no fees for on-site equipment, server maintenance, or staff support! In addition, convenience comes standard and is a bonus to the E-sign feature.  Sign any time and from any place! 
  5. Support - Customers scored PaperTracer’s Support Team 4.5 out of 5 stars in our annual customer satisfaction survey.  Expect and receive a quick, personal, helpful response to any question or problem. 
Visit to see how PaperTracer can improve your contract management with its features and capabilities.  Demo and Free Trial available upon request. 

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