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  • We successfully created electronic versions of all our managed care contract arrangements; we now have the capability to sort the data and create customized reports that fit the requirements of our department.

    Baptist Health
  • The flexibility features built into PaperTracer surpassed the other programs. Additionally, PaperTracer had an extremely quick implementation and training period. We are pleased to recommend PaperTracer to any company wishing to automate the management of their contracts.

    University of Florida Health
  • PaperTracer has been an invaluable asset to our organization. What started out as solely a contract system for us has become so much more. The variety that one can use PaperTracer is only limited by their imagination. The system is easy to navigate, easy to learn and highly flexible. Additionally, the support that we receive from PaperTracer is unsurpassed.

    Judy PadgettManager, Property & Casualty Risk
    UF Health Shands Legal Services
  • PaperTracer improves communication and dataflow. PaperTracer made significant improvements in their quality of work. The use of the PaperTracer software has reduced errors in data submissions, saved time for their physicians and in data management for insurance claims processing, and reduced the phone calls about insurance information.

    Symbiosis Centre of Health Care The in-house health care Centre of Symbiosis and Symbiosis International University, Pune, Maharashtra, India
  • We receive the information pertaining to the Staff of Symbiosis through email, on daily basis. The information is received by us at 6 p.m. sharp, everyday, without fail. The information about the staff received through the software is in detail and easy for storage. We highly appreciate the efforts taken by you, since 2011, in providing us with the details through the software so that no one remains uncovered at your end. It has immensely helped in maintaining consistency in information and reduced time in management of entire data in Health care.

    National Insurance Company Excerpt from a letter of appreciation by the National Insurance Company addressed to the Director of Symbiosis Center of Health Care
    12th September, 2016
  • PaperTracer was chosen because of customization, robust features, and price for this large healthcare institution in Eastern U.S.. PaperTracer created consistency in information for development of contracts, reduced the time from initiation to final execution by over 60% and ended the problem of lost contracts and documents.