HAMI Released PaperTracer 6.5

October 2014 — Health Asset Management, Inc. is proud to announce the release of PaperTracer 6.5, which includes many exciting new features and improvements:

  • Field Definition
    The department field definition now gives the administrators and managers easier management of field structures and background fields. Fields like Dropdown Box/Back, Selection Box/Back and Recurring Fields are now managed separately from their parent field containers. Do you have misplaced fields? You can now reorder or reposition a field to any location by simply using drag and drop. There are also new icons for the Add, Delete, Collapse Tabs, Expand Tabs, Save and Undo Changes buttons to give users faster recognition of each functionality.
  • Record Display
    Record loading and saving is now faster. The Record’s Tab is now across the top of the form to make it more recognizable. The Record Actions and Record Options menus now sit in the Ribbon Menu Panel to easily locate them and to allow more room for your fields. The File Manager is now placed at the rightmost end of the tabs.
  • Date Field
    The date notifications and ticklers were previously sent to only one recipient. Now you can specify many different email addresses. Sending to more than one email will increase notification and alarm the individuals involved of pending contracts and documents.
  • New Map Address Field Type
    Ever thought of where in the world a particular place is? You can now save latitude and longitude coordinates to view a map location using the new Map Address field. You can zoom in and out or pan to nearby locations when viewing this field in your form.
  • Revamped Routing
    Routing has been improved to speed up the end-to-end route cycle by using route templates and running concurrent route processes. Save your frequent route setup into templates and reduce the need for ticking each person involved in the route. During route setup, you can now send an initial instruction or message to guide your recipients accordingly. Get quick reviews of your document updates by running multiple routes. High priority routes are easily recognized in your pending approvals list. If you have to take actions on your pending routes, simply hover on the route list to indicate who is next in line in the route process.
  • E-Signature
    Easily setup your documents for electronic signature. Signatories receive a signature request by email and via the side panel notifications. E-signature security has been improved by requiring passwords when signing a document. Signatories can also now choose to decline a signature. In addition you can transfer the signature request to another user and continue the process or decline the signature for all users and end the request.
  • Reporting
    Managers and Administrators now have the ability to save reports as a dashboard item. Create custom reports and give readily available access to users by using this new feature. Dashboard items can also be listed in the right panel when you're using the record view or edit functions.
  • OCR
    Can't remember on what documents or file a particular contract term or clause was used? You can now enable OCR on a per department basis (additional fee is required for this feature). This will allow you to process and index all pdf documents and make their contents easily searchable. This will greatly save you the time and headache of looking for your documents that keep piling up over time.
  • New Appointments Calendar
    Get a timely reminder of appointments using the new Appointments Calendar. Simply set a one time or recurring event to be notified by email before the event or while using the PaperTracer application
  • Improved Security and Stability
    PaperTracer has improved its general performance and security across the application. Better security for monitoring contracts and user access have been improved to continuously deliver an easy to use product for its customers.