Health Asset Management, Inc. appoints Linda Roberson as new CEO

August 15, 2014 — Health Asset Management, Inc. (HAMI) announced that its Board of Directors has appointed Linda Roberson as its new Chief Executive Officer. Michael D. Tarpley who previously held the post will remain as the Chairman of the Board. The announcement went to all Customers and Channel Partners of PaperTracer.

HAMI continues to hold strongly to its mission of creating value and vision in providing a software, PaperTracer that meets the needs of our customers now and in the future for your contract and business processes.

As part of the continued growth, a change in the leadership team of HAMI has been made with Linda Roberson assuming the CEO position. Linda comes with years of executive experience from a large healthcare system in Eastern N.C. She has been with HAMI since 2011 serving in the COO role. Her background along with understanding the requirements of our clients and our skilled information technical team will allow to provide the newest software features and capabilities to existing and new customers.

Michael D. Tarpley will remain as the Chairman and closely involved both with customer relations, operations and software development. With Michael as Chairman of the Board and a strong technical engineering, strategy and alliance team, Linda is excited about future growth plans and looks forward to keep the focus on building a software solution meeting organizations’ needs. Plans are to provide strong support to channel partners and to keep improving PaperTracer to meet current and future needs with an engineering team ready to meet upcoming requirements.