PaperTracer Adds Redlining Feature to Contract Management Software

Jacksonville, FL; May 23, 2015 — PaperTracer introduces upgrade V6.6. PaperTracer continues to support the Contract and Document Management Industry with its robust CMS and maintains on the forefront by constantly improving. Its latest upgrade to V6.6 features the added benefit of Redlining to support Version Control. Here are the highlights:


  • The PaperTracer Redlining allows users to easily review and approve document changes without the need to send different copies of the document and helps them save the changes in only one location. This capability is available for files in the system which are of the .doc or .docx file type.
  • Prerequisite: The PaperTracer Interface Software must be installed, alongside a local installation of Microsoft Word.
  • This is integrated into the File Manager as ‘Edit’ or ‘Check Out’ for Word documents. After opening a file for edit, and making changes in the document, the user may check in the changes, which creates a new file version.