PaperTracer News Update

We are pleased to inform you of several current activities occurring with the PaperTracer Business Process Management software. First, thank you to all who participated in the PaperTracer User Group meeting and Customer Satisfaction Survey in October 2011. As we move forward into 2012, we wanted to provide this information on the changes in progress of PaperTracer as follow-up to the survey and meeting.

User Group Meeting and Customer Satisfaction Survey

Plans are for the 2012 PaperTracer User Group meeting to be scheduled in October due to the forthcoming upgrade of PaperTracer to the Silverlight version. A “Hold the Date” announcement will be sent out during the summer containing the planned date of the PaperTracer User Group Meeting.

The feedback and comments from the 2011 Customer Satisfaction Survey on PaperTracer were much appreciated. We would appreciate your participation again in the 2012 survey which will be sent out prior to the PaperTracer User Group Meeting. Functions and features being worked on along with the upgraded Silverlight version are: increased search abilities and search of PDFs, more user friendly icons and fewer required key strokes, and the ability to find and replace data across records. We are pleased to announce the electronic signature feature has been developed and is presently in testing with a current client. You should receive information regarding it soon.

New Web Site Page

Along with the improved and modern looking PaperTracer Silverlight version software screens, the PaperTracer web site and logo will be changing for a fresh and new look. The new web site will contain a Client Login, User Group Webinar presentation slides, Help Manuals, and much more information. Changes in the web site and logo will be implemented in the upcoming weeks. Please look for an announcement of the exact date soon!

Silverlight Version of PaperTracer

The new Silverlight version is now being tested by a current client. You will be contacted in the near future about roll out of the upgraded PaperTracer Silverlight version to your organization if you wish to opt in. We are excited about the changes that will be provided by PaperTracer for your business management processes and look forward to working with you. As always, please let me know if you have any questions and thank you for your business.

Kevin Hoot
Health Asset Management, Inc.