SYMHEALTH 2017: PaperTracer Workflow and Its Usage at Symbiosis Centre of Health Care

Pune, India; May 6, 2017 — PaperTracer participated in the recently concluded SYMHEALTH 2017 conference at Symbiosis International University (SIU), Lavale Pune on May 6, 2017. Linda Roberson, CEO, presented the data management issues, impact, and cost Symbiosis Centre of Health Care (SCHC) faced before the introduction of PaperTracer. PaperTracer provided a solution that brought SCHC fully automated compliance control with customizable, streamlined workflow processes. It also allowed for reduced manpower, paperless offices, and gains in cost savings within printing, infrastructure, training, and human resources.

Linda Roberson delivering the benefits of PaperTracer.


Dr. Rajiv Yeravdekar, Dean, Faculty of Health and Biomedical Sciences giving his testimonial along with the other satisfied users.