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Now is the Time to Use Cloud Computing for your Business Process Management!

Cloud computing involves the hosting of software applications as a timeshare model in one’s own data center but is located with someone else and under their watch. The hosting site can be a public cloud such as Microsoft Azure, an exclusive private cloud, or combination of the two. So why should you consider transitioning or purchasing a cloud service to house your valuable and private information?

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Cloud computing has been in place since the late 1990’s and has matured to being a trusted computing, data storage and data center resource for government offices, private businesses, health care organizations and all types of industries. Accessibility to hosted applications is established through secure internet connections. Data security support is of great concern to all. It is important that the cloud service provider has the appropriate service-level agreements meeting privacy, security and government regulations. Although the security concerns are valid, they are just as problematic for the internal IT as for cloud based services.

Cost savings is a primary reason for using cloud based services. Since the cloud services are supported by another party, they can be scaled on demand. Savings increase rapidly as multiple applications are placed on the cloud. Use of cloud computing has become the trend due to multiple recognized benefits that include:

  • Decrease in capital expenses (CAPEX) like hardware, space, electricity service costs
  • Moving toward operational expenses (OPEX) to focus on business instead of IT
  • Decrease in storage costs of archived records, information and data
  • Improved security meeting HIPAA and other privacy standard requirements
  • Elimination /reduction of work of internal IT staff to increase efficiency
  • Easy for scalability per need

Many software solutions such as PaperTracer Business Process Management Software are provided as a cloud based service. PaperTracer has used cloud computing technology since 1999 in a private cloud and now also on Microsoft Azure. It provides the cost savings creating a quick return on investment and has the essential security features:

  • HIPAA compliant
  • 2048–bit encryption environment
  • Secure user authentication / management
  • Secure digital routing
  • Produces full audit trails and logs

PaperTracer is a winning solution for your data needs and sharing, offering both security and cost saving benefits. PaperTracer is recognized by Microsoft and the Microsoft Azure Market Place featured as a Cloud Application Spotlight.

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