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Scanning Documents can help save your Business!

Scanning of documents to PDF (portable document format) and storing them in a data base file seems simple but yet can be one of the “life-saving” processes for having a successful business. Scanning of documents and photos is only one of the first steps to going paperless. Scanning adds vitality and can change the life of your business.

Benefits of Scanning Documents Sheet fed scanner graphic courtesy of PDF logo is a trademark of Adobe.

It provides multiple benefits such as:

  • efficient storage,
  • costs savings due to reducing space needs and staff time,
  • location of documents in one place,
  • quick access to vital information for improved decision making,
  • efficient distribution of information, and improved use of data.

Scanning of documents to PDF is a key to streamlining your document and record management.

Although scanning is the first step, the next step is how you organize and manage those documents and records. Then lastly is the ability to find and track those documents and files, and finding information in the documents to help you with making important decisions timely. The use of OCR aligned with scanned images provides search for key words and information makes your documents even more valuable as tools of your business.

PaperTracer Business Process Management Software provides this function as just one of the tools helping you to manage and take control of your information. PaperTracer has a built-in autoscan feature to convert your files into electronic form. Once the scanning process is done, it automatically uploads and saves your documents along with your associated record. You have the option to use your own scanners or purchase small scanners provided that they are Twain compliant to make use of this functionality.

Along with scanning, the PaperTracer application is designed to attach forms or any other electronic medium i.e.: video files, compressed files, etc. with drag and drop capabilities and scanning directly into folders. There are no file size limitations for uploaded documents.

The system allows you to make copies of documents and reports quickly. It provides easy access to all documents, images, videos and other information that are part of your contract or business files. The OCR functionality allows you to find information fast and efficiently. So never lose or complain about not being able to locate that document when it can be there for you by scanning your documents using a business process management software solution like PaperTracer.

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