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Solving IT Problems in the 21st Century Business Enterprise

Researchers have spent a great deal of time analyzing the use of information and data vital to the management of business enterprises and other organizations in the 21st century. This important research has revealed that over 90% of all information that is necessary to the functioning and the success of a business or other organization is in the form of documents.

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With this in mind, document management is a key element in ensuring that a business enterprise or other organization will achieve its goals and remain on a successful course today and well into the future. Historically, documentary and data management took the form of developing massive filing systems in the brick and mortar world in which paper could be organized and stored.

All of this has changed in the digital age. At this point in time a great deal of documentary materials and other data are now stored within computer hard drives and mainframes. Understanding this reality, digital information, electronic data needs to be properly managed, organized and stored -- in a secure environment -- or a mess far more significant that paper misfiling can erupt resulting in an complete breakdown of the proper functioning of a business enterprise or other organization.

Through the use of PaperTracer, a business or other organization can not only readily manage documents, data and other information but PaperTracer assists businesses and other organizations in governmental and corporate compliance. For example, instilled within overall PaperTracer system are tools that ensure compliance with HIPAA standards.

PaperTracer is not a temporary solution. PaperTracer is not a system that you buy today to manage your immediate document and data management needs only to be outdated within little to no time. Rather, PaperTracer is a system that can develop and grow with change and expansion of your own business or organizational enterprise.


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