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Top 5 Chosen Features that Provide the Most Beneficial Impact to the Efficiency of Your Workflow Process

Outcomes are not always predictable, but ensuring your workflow process is efficient increases the probability of a positive outcome to advance your business. These are the top 5 features as chosen by PaperTracer users that bring the most support and value to the workflow process.

Chosen features that impact efficiency of your workflow

#1 – File Management

Even after switching to electronic files, finding a secure, straightforward way to manage and maintain them can be cumbersome and overwhelming. PaperTracer users agree that features like being able to drag and drop or email files, automatically scan documents to .pdf, as well as the means for electronic signature and OCR were most beneficial for streamlining and supporting their workflow process. In addition, having the ability to apply security limits on files and folders ensures that prying eyes aren’t able to access restricted content.

#2 – Record Management

PaperTracer provides the ability to securely manage records in one location. Users are able to add, edit, delete, and archive, as well as search for records. Customizable multi-level fields grant users various ways to quickly enter information (ie. name, dates, checkboxes, yes/no, etc.) and contribute to quick searches as well as assisting in creating accurate reports. Global fields extend multi-level fields to allow for selecting entities system-wide, such as a global address book of people. Recurring entries, import/export, input forms, and email updates bring the added benefits of increased productivity and allow users to seamlessly collaborate.

#3 – Report Generation

The needs to evaluate progress as well as answer audits and other requests are easily addressed with PaperTracer’s robust customizable reporting feature. Tailored layouts and the ability to schedule reports keep you on task with the bonus of flexible export options through the pdf, xls, jpg, csv and tiff file formats.

#4 – Department Management

PaperTracer allows multiple users with differing purposes to locate and access documents in one secure location. The benefit of multiple departments (also known as workflows or templates) with a record structure tailored to their needs compliments the ability to use an automated notification system with customizable e-mail templates for routing and review.

#5 – Secure User Access Management

PaperTracer’s multi-level security controls access internally at document, user, group or record level. Audit logs and an inventory of user access also allow documents and contracts to be monitored. In addition to the normal users of the system, external users may also be granted limited and secure access with the same monitoring capabilities.

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