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Turn Areas of Inefficiency to Productivity with Contract Document Management Software

Today’s society is constantly on a quest for “more.” More time, more money, more work… More, more, more! Getting more and doing more with your business is achievable when you have a plan and follow through. “Obviously! But where do I start?”

The overall consensus of many searches on productivity is if you enjoy what you are doing, take breaks, develop a working rhythm, prioritize, and you will be more productive. However, frequently the problem is not personal tasks that hold back productivity, but rather tasks that are viewed necessary to complete a job . Three common tasks that when better managed, increase productivity. They are quickly accessing relevant information, collaborating on information, and analyzing information.

Areas of Inefficiency

Access to Relevant Information

The problems of misplaced documents, locating documents, and locating information within documents are universal. Paper documents are often buried, never found, and can take hours to read to find information. Even electronic documents can problematically be misfiled, deleted, or difficult to locate. A tunnel vision view of one way to handle documents and information wastes time and money.

Collaboration on Information

Even with the best management plan in place and every document available for your immediate use productivity can still be hindered by the need to quickly share, amend, discuss, and sign off on documents because of the time wasted on travel, delivery of documents, and the wait for a pen to paper signature. Furthermore the risks of no versioning leads to confusion, losing documents, or information falling into the wrong hands greatly increase with this vulnerable approach to document management.

Analyzing Information

Searching and compiling data can take hours upon hours of research. Not counting the hours spent analyzing what the data means. Oversights and incorrect information combined with the possibility of having to start all over make this daunting task seem unmanageable without days and weeks of work. Add to that the time it takes for information to be gathered manually, efficiently, and correctly for an audit or a survey and stress levels mount even more because of the increased probability of mistakes.

The Productive Solution

Every day the complications associated with the tasks above zap productivity. A reliable means to combat wasted time, security risks, and inefficiencies analyzing data as well as to increase and maintain productivity is Contract Document Management Software.

Efficiently Accessing and Collaborating on Relevant Information

Businesses can increase efficiency by delegating work to contract document management software. Locating and sharing documents from one central location allows businesses time to invest into more profitable activities.

Locating people or coordinating a convenient time to meet is optional because documents can be securely shared in seconds internally by different departments as well as externally with partners and clients. Knowing the correct information has reached the next level of approval or final destination allows for a continuous workflow instead of halting to a standstill.

In addition, the wait to review, amend, and collaborate becomes nonexistent as specific documents or documents with specific language are located with a few key strokes and amended with tracked changes, while the latest version is clearly notated. Modifications, deletions, and amendments to agreements are no longer needles in a hay stack because tracking and redlining inform users of any changes, thus allowing quicker adjustments and approvals that lead to an amicable agreement.

E-signature continues a steady workflow by removing the need to have a pen to paper signature and allows for seamless agreements and approvals.

Efficiently Analyzing Information

Oversights and the extra work they create, as well as the monetary losses businesses could sustain are greatly reduced by notifications. Users benefit from these reminders of upcoming terminations, extensions, or other items that may need to be specifically addressed by a certain date.

Days of research are compiled into minutes with the ability to select specific criteria and generate a report. Data that has been input over time can quickly and efficiently be gathered by reports along with information for audits and surveys to help maintain documents and contracts and guard against oversights.


The documents and information that business interests or decisions are hinged on are central to each business’s success. The capability to search, locate, and report on that information all at once, in one place makes attaining this success easier. The value of contract management software for businesses reveals itself over and over with the noticeable time and money savings it provides.

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