The ability to be flexible and adapt to change is more important than ever for healthcare providers and payors.  The ACA lead shift from fee-for-service to value-based reimbursements requires calculating numerous measures.  The need to accurately report on readmissions, adverse events, population health, patient engagement and more requires precise data.  Other needs such as maintaining physician contracts and payor contracts along with compliance further complicate workloads.  PaperTracer provides an economical agile solution to assist workflows, processes, and compliance maintenance.  As a result providers are free to deliver the best possible healthcare. 

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PaperTracer Features

  • Notifications
  • Routing
  • OCR – Optical Character Recognition Search
  • Free Unlimited E-Signatures
  • Tracking
  • Reporting
  • HIPAA Compliance
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The tasks of tracking and maintaining compliance with regulations while managing sensitive data can be a struggle.  Progressive information should be up-to-date and accurate in order to provide consistent precise results.  PaperTracer provides a secure centralized database that can be accessed by security clearance level across departments and locations at anytime from anywhere.  Allowing users to access and report from a broad range of current information across demographics, departments, locations and more. 

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Physician Offices and Clinics

Physician offices and clinics need solutions to make their practice and business operations more efficient, control costs, and allow focus on the core business of patient care. Simplification of office workflows, finding and tracking contracts, and maintaining document compliance and other administrative materials are necessary for a productive office. PaperTracer meets HIPAA requirements to provide a configurable software to support practice needs. It allows your office to have a customizable and enterprise type system with best practice template workflows at an affordable cost. Records, contracts, and documents are easily and securely accessed on the cloud. Processes and results are easily monitored with the use of real time information/data and reports accessible any place and any time.

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The shift to value-based reimbursement has added a financial burden to hospitals.  Reliance upon collecting and analyzing large volumes of data to improve care, cut costs, and better manage compliance is becoming the new standard.  The ability to repurpose data to accommodate needs across departments, guide decisions, and streamline workflows is necessary to recover lost financial ground. PaperTracer provides a secure, HIPAA compliant, cloud based solution that can be accessed from anywhere at any time.  Multi-level security and audit trails allow collaboration across departments.  Routing and notifications ensure efficient processes, reduce missed deadlines, and help to avoid possible fines.  Robust reporting quickly provides quick answers to surveys and audits.

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Pathology and Lab Services

Pathology and lab businesses require simple, reliable and affordable tools to manage their contracts, business operations, and compliance requirements.  Automation and organization help to stay financially viable as well as to meet the standards of CAP, CLIA, Joint Commission and other regulatory agencies.  Employees require access to stay current with the most up-to date policies and procedures, and job descriptions.  PaperTracer workflow templates are completely configurable by the user and adaptable to any situation for ease of use by all staff.   PaperTracer allows staff to take action at the right time, track statuses, generate reports and keep your office compliant with business needs. It is accessible anytime and anywhere with appropriate security designations.

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