A Secure Cloud Based Document and Business Process Management Solution for Small Business to Enterprise

Different industries have unique needs supported by particular workflow processes. Whether managing contracts and documents or maintaining quality control PaperTracer streamlines workflows, reduces risks, and improves productivity.   It diminishes the challenges of tracking and maintaining compliance with regulations while managing sensitive industry data.  PaperTracer automates workflows to provide a secure, easy to use, scalable solution accessible from anywhere at any time.


Privacy, compliance, and security are major concerns when managing the sensitive information required by healthcare organizations.  PaperTracer reduces complications across the many different aspects of healthcare.  Its multi-level security authorization, encryption, and audit logs diversify information use and follow the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).  PaperTracer streamlines processes and allows providers to stay focused on delivering the best healthcare possible.  Learn more


As a Non-Profit a business must meet certain government requirements at different levels as well as maintain its own charter documents, the regulations surrounding fundraising and donations, and tax codes.   The need to collaborate and maintain these rules can prove crucial to avoiding fines and penalties.  PaperTracer enables seamless collaboration across departments with routing and notifications to ensure the proper approvals within a timely manner.  Users reduce risks and gain efficiency and productivity.  Learn more