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Terms of Use

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Privacy Policy

PaperTracer respects the privacy of the visitors to its website. PaperTracer will only collect identifiable information such as names, addresses, and similar materials, when voluntarily provided by users at this website. Your IP address may be logged so that we can track your session on this site and thus serve you better. This site may deposit information commonly referred to as "cookies" in a visitor's computer. A cookie is a token that a server gives to your browser when you access a website. They store many types of data, and help provide additional functionality to our website. Cookies do not collect personally identifiable information. Any information we collect will be utilized only in very limited situations:

  1. To contractors we use to support our business (such as fulfillment services, technical support, delivery services, and financial institutions), in which case we will require such third parties to agree to treat it in accordance with this Privacy Policy;
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  3. To respond to law enforcement under limited circumstances and when required to so respond by law. This Privacy Policy was last reviewed on June 1, 2012. Please refer to this page from time to time to review updates to this Privacy Policy.