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3 Keys to Unlock the Secrets to RAC Audit Success

Little Mistakes = A Big Price Tag.

“University of Michigan Health System Overbills Medicare by $6.2 Million,” and “OIG Tags Carolinas Medical Center for Incorrect Billing” (over 1.7 million) are just two recent headlines regarding paybacks to Medicare as a result of RAC audits.

Over the last five years $200 billion has been spent by Medicare on errors.  That’s $40 billion each year of preventable mistakes made by healthcare providers.  Avoidable errors produced the reason for the creation of the Recovery Audit Contractors (RAC) Program.

Now audit managers are struggling to prepare for what a RAC audit will hold because every year and each case are composed of many different elements.  The audit process often steals valuable work resources that could be better spent in billing and collecting.  All the while leaving wasted productivity and financial losses in its wake. 

What if you could unlock the process secrets of RAC audits?  What if there were keys that would allow you to productively respond to audit requests and even prevent audits? Read more.

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